X Film Unit

(Zespół Filmowy "X")
   One of seven new film units founded in 1972 in Poland. The film unit X, with Andrzej Wajda as the artistic director, Bolesław Michałek as the literary director, and Barbara Pec-Ślesicka as the production manager, was instrumental during the Cinema of Distrust period. Several young filmmakers started their careers under Wajda's artistic supervision, among them Ryszard Bugajski, Jerzy Domaradzki, Feliks Falk, and Agnieszka Holland. The X Film Unit produced several classic Polish films, such as Falk's Top Dog (1978), Holland's A Woman Alone (1981), and Wajda's own films such as The Promised Land (1975), Man of Marble (1977), and Man of Iron (1981). Like other artistic organizations, the unit was disbanded after the introduction of martial law in December of 1981. Accused of oppositional activities, Wajda was removed as the head of unit X in April 1983, together with his close collaborators.
   Historical Dictionary of Polish Cinema by Marek Haltof

Guide to cinema. . 2011.

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